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Meet our favourite new clutch buddies

Tortilla and Gamera - our adoptive Testudinidae of the order Testudines, definitely of the Throne variety ;) and have definitely stole the families hearts. Watch with wonderment as they grow and thrive in their open top house with access to our home and garden.

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cavolo nero kale dinner

They surprisingly enjoy sharing and don’t get in a strop about living together, who said tortoises and rabbits don’t get on?

What did you have for your lunch?

Freshly picked weeds? No thank you! I’ll wait for the good stuff🙄! I asked the youngest to pick the weeds found growing out of the wall...

Tortoise weight

It’s been a while but I finally found the time to WEIGH the tortoises after 6 months! Oops! They have put on a tonne of weight! Tortilla...

Nighttime supper

I noticed Tortilla looking around so I went over and cleaned the tortoises little slates - it’s at this point Tortilla realises it’s f o...

Fine and Dandelion

Interestingly, during this time of year I’ve become especially obsessed with “D A N D E L I O N S” ... I’ve been on walks and looked out...

Easter weekend tortoise freedom

First of all HAPPY EASTER! May you get all the eggs you deserve, but let’s not forget what is going in the world, so STAY SAFE and...

Tortoise art

I asked Alf to do some tortoise art for the side of their little house. Tortoise on a walk. 🐢🐾💚🐢🐾💚🐢🐾💚🐢🐾💚🐢🐾💚

Gamera demolishing a dandelion too!

Here you can watch a time lapse of Gamera too. Honestly if you’d ever watched a tortoise eating anything you would want to show it 💚 My...

Zen-like abode

I found Gamera like this tonight, embedded in her zen-like coco-mound surrounded by seashells in her spiritual home. I almost felt sorry...


So we’re back and we have stuff to say! What with this COVID-19 doing the rounds and putting most of the countries into lockdown, it’s a...

November 2019 weight update💪

We’ve had the tortoises six months now and we have a new weigh in! In that time they have had their 1st birthday, eaten a shed load of...

Playing with dinosaurs

The tortoises have been having a field day today playing with the kids old dinosaurs and horses - I initially got them out to weigh them...

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Tortoise Family Archer videos

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