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Meet our favourite new clutch buddies

Tortilla and Gamera - our adoptive Testudinidae of the order Testudines, definitely of the Throne variety ;) and have definitely stole the families hearts. Watch with wonderment as they grow and thrive in their open top house with access to our home and garden.

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New photos of my tortoise two from the last few weeks 🐢💚🐢

Caught skinny dipping

I always wondered if they went for a dip in the shallow water (aka ‘the plate’) and they do, all the water has disappeared either through...

What’s eating Gamera grape?

I bathed them this morning and then let them have a play on the living room floor, they had a little wander round to exercise then...

Tortoise cuddles

After a weekend away to see friends and family with the kids, we got back late last night and I fed the tortoises but left them to it as...

Tortoise outdoor run space revealed🐢🏠

Shout out to my Scott for making the tortoise run for outside! He ended up using some left over decking to piece together to make a...

Clipping the Tortoises nails

Tortilla’s nails were getting long and it was time to give them a little snip to help him on his way. It’s important to cut the nail...

Gamera bit me 🤫

Little Gamera tortee just totally bit my middle finger whilst I was feeding it some carrot, it hurt so I quickly moved my finger away and...

Tortoise tea time

Two blogs in one day!

Tortee 1 and tortee 2 playtime

Basically tortoise love extended.. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work, and as the summer holidays started last week, unfortunately...


This is not an unusual event! The tortoises simply love bathing, and it’s good for them as it hydrates and cleans without drying them...

Reintegrating the Tortees

Here they are! They are still alive! I should explain it was me taking a break from social media and refraining from reporting on the...

Sunny Sunday weigh in!

So on this fine evening we weighed the tortoises! You will be interested to read that Tortilla is now the weight of my iphone, an...

Tortoise play

The tortoises have been playing outside of their house in the wilds of Alfie’s bedroom aka heading straight to the pile of magazines and...

Flower picking walking the dog

While out walking our crazy dog Boomer, I noticed an abundance of fresh flowers growing wildly along the canal in full blossoming bloom....

Is it weigh in day yet?

No, not yet! Despite me having to hide away the scales, whilst sitting on my hands to stop myself weighing them as my own selfish...

Night shifts

I have missed these two little tortoise terrors too much this week as I’ve been on night shifts and only seen them fleetingly - when I...

Did I ever show you the garden shots.....?

These shots are from a few weeks ago but I have been outside with them again today. Once they get going they love a good old munch on the...

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