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Meet our favourite new clutch buddies

Tortilla and Gamera - our adoptive Testudinidae of the order Testudines, definitely of the Throne variety ;) and have definitely stole the families hearts. Watch with wonderment as they grow and thrive in their open top house with access to our home and garden.

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Fine and dandy

Today they snubbed the dandelions for me but wolfed them down for the eldest! They don’t realise how spoilt they are🥰

Top pellets for brunch

Embarrassing 'chewing moment' for Gamera, as his food got a bit stuck in his beaky mouth. Watch until the end as they both eat the last...


It’s good to know my tortoises got the best start in life as they ate a load of dandelions from our garden when they first came to live...

Fast food

Basically I have just fed a maccydee’s to the tortoise two😲. I apologise now to all the haters but I just got home from a night shift,...

Gamera enjoying the peace

While Tortilla, on the other hand, getting himself into a pickle in the corner. I don’t know how they sleep upside down/sideways up like...

New coco soil tortoise reaction😃

All they think about is food😂 To be honest, they did have a little long necked sniff as I put them on it, and then went straight for the...

Too much coco soil

Time for fresh coco soil today so I ordered a new bag on Thursday and it arrived this morning (quicker than my new trainers that I paid...

Growing pains

They are quick to grow! We weighed them tonight and sure enough they have piled on a few grams since our last weigh in - Tortilla is now...

Monthly weight

I’ve decided I’m going to do a monthly weigh in. This is a perfect opportunity to run more detailed checks on the tortoises and check...

Open top house

Like something out of the Gruffalo, we protect our hatchlings. Currently until they are older, they live on a high shelf above the dogs...

Living room fun

The tortoises love a little adventure around the living room, usually ending up by the elephants and a good hiding/burrowing place


So I got myself a little app on my phone to identify plants and weeds, so that I could then identify which ones are suitable for...

Tortoises eating

Tortoises eating is quite possible THE most adorable thing to watch. you will be mesmerised <3

Gamera and Tortilla meet again

So here is something beautiful. When we collected Gamera he had a little bro or sis from the clutch of eggs when he first hatched and...

Gamera first weighing

I weighed him on the 27th April 2019 Just to check his weight and ensure he will continue to thrive and grow well into his juvenile years...

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