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Did I ever show you the garden shots.....?

These shots are from a few weeks ago but I have been outside with them again today. Once they get going they love a good old munch on the grass and weeds, and are not too quick to escape either, realising with eyes wide open that this is food time, and to take full advantage (pahh to escaping!). So weeds, grass, blueberries and kale is what they’ve eaten today in small amounts!

TBH I could do with getting them proper wide mesh wiring to go down onto the grass so they can hang out like a bunny rabbit for longer, to stretch their little legs and poop and pee away, and give them the freedom to navigate a good square ft so I’m not worrying about the dogs or a hawk coming down to eat them, or them wandering off into the neighbours gardens. Everyone who has ever owned or knows of a tortoise has a story to tell about ‘Herbert going for a walk and never returning’, or ‘Leopold the leopard burrowing into the neighbours cabbage patch...and never seen him since’, finally ‘don’t EVER leave them unattended - ours kept escaping!’ I’m terrified for the little tortoise’s😩🐢.

Check out in the last photo how physically small they are, see how easily the rabbit hole may take them, or even moreso how easily they’d fit under the decking - never to be seen again. Who knows how many important lego pieces are under there or five pound notes (yes, one was definitely posted a few years ago, so at least one five pound note is under the decking😂), never mind a toy sized tortoise.

No wonder I’m an anxious tortoise mama!

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