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It is 2021, we are still here and the world is a different place

When we first got Tortilla and Gamera, the daughter and I had just returned (literally the day before) from California - we’d been to the US on holiday and as you can imagine it was all and everything we could have imagined with sunshine, beaches, Palm Springs magic and cactus plants to die for. I know now that actually the tortoises would be in tortoise heaven in the heat and with all those green juicy succulents to scoff on! What is clear is that me and Cleo were very lucky to have travelled in April of that year 2019 as, had it been a year later when we placed the trip, it wouldn’t have happened due to Covid so we’re well aware of our good fortune.

We were so happy to get our tortoises the next few days for little bro’s birthday and the rest is history!

So this blog has not been updated for a while - quite simply I’ve been very occupied at work, family life on days off has continued and the children are all at home due to school closures, but believe me the tortoises are still very much loved by us all. I have some photos to share - first off Tortilla discovered my Aloe plant on the floor and quickly started demolishing it! They’ve not yet been eaten by the dog and they still cuddle each other, and no scrapping yet.


I have cuddle photos also. Honestly the love these two appear to share is 💚💚 I just hope they don’t start to fight in a few years. I will add more photos in a while when they upload (too many on here)

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