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Night shifts

I have missed these two little tortoise terrors too much this week as I’ve been on night shifts and only seen them fleetingly - when I get home I will go in to see them, have a little tortee chat, feed them some fresh leafy veggies or a few pellets (junk food delight), top up their water, give Gamera a little tortee hug as Tortilla is less tolerating😂.

They are by far a fantastic resource for the mind and wellbeing post and pre nights as they help me to relax, unwind, remove any busy-headedness from within (required when working shifts in healthcare😊). So after I fed them this morning, I had them crawling next to me, holding Gamera close to my face and neck I was talking with Alfie about whether Gamera is a girl or boy, considering her shorter thickened and wide butt-tail as I’d noticed it was abit stubbier than usual (thinking “ohh my tortoise is quick to mature”👍), as Alfie shouts “it’s poo mum, the reason it’s stubby is because it’s got poo in it!”, whilst laughing, noticing his/her widening tail. I quickly put Gamera back in his house where he promptly pooped a massive dark green one out! Close call, looks more like a male pointy tail now tbh.

Here are 2 Gamera-selfies, I hope you like 😘

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