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Playtime in the garden with Tortilla (the big) as the naughty one attempting escape🐢🦖

Edit* no tortoises escaped in the making of this blog. I’m still eagle eyed mummy to these two tortee 1 and tortee 2😍.

It is a well known fact that tortoises are known for escaping so it was good to find an article relating to how easily they can escape from the house as poor Sophie Dahl found out, as her tortoise Torty (❤the name btw) trekked the streets of her hometown 😲. The article goes on to discuss some useful tips on keeping your tortoise safe.

Tortilla is abit of a naughty tortee, so to speak, as he doesn’t care less if he gets himself into a pickle whereas Gamera will be careful and mindful around anything that looks like a sharp or easy exit although he’s happy to climb a mountain or pyramid of magazines (see blog on tothe fun aspect of tortoises climbing!)!

In some of these pictures it even looks like Gamera is looking up to big brother Tortilla. It is safe to say they enjoyed the feel of the grass and soil underneath them, and they even had a nibble on the green leaves available, what a treat😘.

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2019年8月04日 Poor little torty ☹️

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