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Reintegrating the Tortees

Here they are! They are still alive! I should explain it was me taking a break from social media and refraining from reporting on the tortoises everyday moves.

They are still not big enough to totally leave to roam free in the living but that is the ultimate aim. I’ve brought them downstairs as I’ve purchased some wood to eventually build a tortoise enclosure for outside and indoors while we’re here (and it’s raining).

Look at the beautiful patterns on their shell. Tortilla’s shell is the one that looks like huge eyelashes and Gamera’s is the more delicate finer detailed shell. I can’t decide which I prefer but as I’m known for favouritism 😘I’ll say I prefer Gamera’s delicacy but I do ❤️ Tortilla’s bold eyelash design!

Please enjoy the tortoises and especially another one of Gamera eating his food, they are a delight to watch!

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