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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So we’re back and we have stuff to say! What with this COVID-19 doing the rounds and putting most of the countries into lockdown, it’s a good thing the tortoises are here to save the day! These two have become our families peaceful twosome and have helped alleviate the youngest‘s madness in what has become a technology world pretty much overnight, what with no school, no outside activities, retreating indoors and I’ve had to reduce walks into the hills for the kids too due to the seriousness of all of this (as I’m an NHS worker I want to reduce the risk to them, and to them being potential carriers and so-forth passing on to anyone else. As advised, we should all be following this and for all to STAY AT HOME. We are currently all asymptomatic). Unfortunately this means that technology has increased exponentially for the kids in the form of computers, internet based homework, online games, online EVERYTHING, Netflix, to name a few of the current technological wonders of this household! The garden is equally a blessing during these times that we are very grateful for!

Anyway, this is about the tortoises and their impact on us all at times like this and being grateful that we can take a step back and say “I’m taking a moment to hang out with the tortoises!” - giving time for the kids to play with the tortoises, removing the screen time, appreciating letting the tortoises out and learning to look after them properly and carefully watching them in our living room as they exercise, as they gently spray them with warm water (for hydration and they like it!), watch them socialise them a little with Boomer the dog (now an only dog as Indy sadly passed away a few weeks back - Indy wasn’t that keen on the tortoises, but Boomer has no problem around them)...and giving them space outside their little indoor home. The sun shone last week giving us an opportunity to be outside ourselves to sort their outdoor space out, and we made a ramp and little cress garden for them!

All in the name of peace and tranquility 💕what with all this other business going on that we’d rather wasn’t happening, a piece of peace in a crazy covid world ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙌🙌💚🐢🐢

*photos since my last blog, it’s been a while*

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