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Tortee 1 and tortee 2 playtime

Basically tortoise love extended.. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work, and as the summer holidays started last week, unfortunately I’ve not quite managed a week off yet so the kids have been at home/out and about/hanging out/fun with friends, and we managed to make it to a festival for a few hours at Deershed, then last week I attended an old Manc-link reunion in Manchester - all these things so far removed from these little tortoises here in the valley, that they’ve barely seen us for playtime fun. Until tonight!

To be honest, they are happy left alone but I think they secretly love little snuggles and being close to us! If we put them next to our legs they snuggle under and fall asleep, they love the warmth being cold blooded! their pee is tepid warm though so they do maintain a kind of warmth within them generated from the heat lamp.

AKA Tortee 1 and Tortee 2 looking a little like small burgers 😂


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Aug 01, 2019

I love your tortoise shenanigans, keep us posted with their holiday fun times, they rock 🤘 xxx

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