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Tortoise cuddles

After a weekend away to see friends and family with the kids, we got back late last night and I fed the tortoises but left them to it as it was pretty late and I had to sort the kids out for school in the morning etc, etc (mainly trying to get youngest fonz to bed). Today I made up for it with the tortoises as I cuddled them both and the first thing Tortilla did was pee on me, while Gamera had a poop.

For the record ‘Cuddling’ =me lying down with them resting on my abdomen/chest! I’d recommend it, they relax soon after as they hear the beating sound of my heart and they feel my breathing/rising chest and then they sit and chill. Ok ok it just like having babies☺️ without the cuddling back and chubbiness obvs😅...

I found them a couple of nice new rocks to bask on during the day - all the way from sunny Brighton beach.

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09 sept. 2019

Interestingly I found this article tonight! All about if tortoises show affection, and lots of the things mentioned are things our tortoises are starting to do ! 🐢🤩

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