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Tortoise outdoor run space revealed🐢🏠

Shout out to my Scott for making the tortoise run for outside! He ended up using some left over decking to piece together to make a square, as the smaller pieces of wood work better indoors (and will keep cleaner😊). I also have a mesh wiring to place above and it just needs a lid to keep the rain out so we can add coco soil (*edit* newly added coco soil and changed their home soil today for added freshness).

It was a hot glorious day yesterday, 30-odd degrees, sweltering, perfect for a tortoise basking in the suns glory, too hot for me to sit outside watching the two little dudes (I omitted the mesh so they could reach optimal sun effect!). They stayed outside for 30 minutes and managed some dandelions for breakfast too, any longer outside and I would have melted! There are benefits to the sun’s goodness of vit D for both human and tortoise - as for the tortoises, as we live in a northern, cloudy and usually rainy valley we have the UV lights upstairs and supplement the tortoises with extra vitamins in the form of a powder to sprinkle over their food regularly (at least 3-4 times a week). Check out this informative news feed on supplementing your tortoises, read on further down for vit D3 and UV lights and living in the north for top tips. Obviously if you live in warmer climates, lucky you, your tortoise can probably bask outside to its hearts content❤️


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