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Tortoise play

The tortoises have been playing outside of their house in the wilds of Alfie’s bedroom aka heading straight to the pile of magazines and books by his bed to read! I have been worried about Tortilla‘s shell getting too big for his body - a friend told me a story of how she knows someone who invented a contraption made out of lego to fit under tortoises who have basically grown too big too quickly resulting in the shell becoming too heavy for them to carry. I am hoping we don’t have to consider this as an option for Tortilla😬😬

Tortilla isn’t as mobile as Gamera so I have been letting them out to exercise for 30 minutes every day to get them fit. I’m also getting them used to a small ball so that they can play with it as they get older. Right now tho they are terrified of it 😮

We are going to make a small run outside for them too but this is work in progress -the weather has been pretty poor and it’s rained the last few weeks but we will do it and then when they are bigger they will be free to roam outside too.

So, going back to the pile of magazines ... the Marvel book was of great interest to Tortilla, whilst Gamera preferred digging around under the magazines for shelter! They can pretend they are superheroes!

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