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Tortoise weight

It’s been a while but I finally found the time to WEIGH the tortoises after 6 months! Oops! They have put on a tonne of weight! Tortilla is nearly a half a kilo! Gamera still has some catching up to do but I would say it isn’t ever going to happen as basically Tortilla eats as fast and ferocious as a ravenous beast, and Gamera eats like a delicate mouse -it’s true that Tortilla is the Beast of the two (I’ve been watching too much Stephen King recently - notably Mr Mercedes and The Outsider 😲and trying my hardest not to liken them in any way to any scary characters, so the kids childhood Grufallo will do). Having said that they are currently scratching their way out of their little wooden house atm rather worryingly sounding like something out of a horror movie! Give them a tiny slice of freedom and they will take an inch when they go back indoors. Still they are amazingly sociable and behaved well during the weigh-in - no pees, poohs or escapee Torts for freedom 😘

If you are remotely interested at all, their weights in grams is on the weighing scales.


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