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What did you have for your lunch?

Freshly picked weeds? No thank you! I’ll wait for the good stuff🙄! I asked the youngest to pick the weeds found growing out of the wall over the road from us. The good stuff includes dandelions and the tortoise diet little balls of wonder that they love, unfortunately I haven’t seen a dandelion for a few weeks and they need their fresh weeds for total nutritional value! !

They’ve also been out for a wander In the living room as they were scratching at the walls trying to get out - a scratch for freedom is my thinking, only when I let them out they hide in the hidey hole underneath the TV and interact with the elephants !! This reminds me that I need to dust more frequently... actually, in case you were wondering, they don’t seem to be bothered about the wires and things, and they’re not like puppies chewing on them (thankfully for now anyway!), I will be closely monitoring this behaviour of course.

The final photo shows just how nosey they are - firstly climbing all over their food to get to the picture of the tortoise on the wall, then gazing over to the front door where incidentally the postman had just delivered the post! inquisitive little beings aren’t they?!


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