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What’s eating Gamera grape?

I bathed them this morning and then let them have a play on the living room floor, they had a little wander round to exercise then settled in the corner for a rest. The dogs were safely tucked up in bed away from them, snoring away too.

As usual, I offered them some food but they don’t always take it downstairs, depends how easy it is to eat as I’ve noticed they prefer eating in their home upstairs while downstairs is adventure time. Gamera wasn’t interested in food typically ! but of course Tortilla wanted a snack so I chopped up half a grape for him and he loved it obvs. It was one of those delicious candy floss grapes, probably way too sweet tor him but he only ended up eating a quarter of one. Bless his tortoise cotton socks. Here he is scoffing again and look at Gamera looking at him in disdain 😂.

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